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Track your daily writing habit.

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Based on how many pages and words you've written, your Writing Score is a simple way to see how you're progressing.

All you need to do is write more frequently to boost your score. Once you're writing every day, see how long you can keep your streak going!

Track & visualize your writing stats

It's easier to improve a habit by measuring it.

Daily Page gives you the important stats around your daily writing to make it easier to see how many words you're writing each day.

From this, you can also have a better understanding of when you do your best work.

Learn by doing. Start today.

At Daily Page, we believe that becoming a better writer comes through practice.

Whether it's by using our daily writing prompts, freewriting whatever's on your mind, or leveraging our easy-to-use writing courses, we strive to help people cultivate their writing abilities as much as possible.