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Daily Page started with two friends who both wanted to become better writers and knew that the only way to do so was to start writing every day. We knew that there were no shortcuts and no substitutes for daily repetition.

But forming that daily habit was hard. Each morning we'd wake up and would find ourselves staring at a blank page with nothing to write. That's why we created writing prompts. We needed something to give us a nudge and to give ourselves a place to start.

Since launching in November 2014, we've found our prompts have had a significant impact on helping our writers form that daily writing habit. To date we've had 10857 writers create pages for a total of words. That's a whole lot of daily pages!

And we don't think the learning stops there.

We want Daily Page to be your one-stop shop for becoming a better writer. That's why we've started working with professional writers and editors to create writing courses. These courses are geared towards those who have an idea, but need some guidance and some structure. Each is designed so that you actually learn by doing and actually walk away with a physical first draft of whatever it is you're trying to create -- whether that's a screenplay or blog post or an epic, fictional tale.

We're so excited about the tools and community we're building at Daily Page and we'd be ecstatic if anything we create helps to inspire and improve anything you're creating.

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